Olwazzi means solid rock in Luganda. The foundation of Olwazzi Ministires is the solid rock of God's word.

Thursday, July 19, 2012


This is Ceasar and his mother. Ceasar is a very special little boy in Kamengo. He is vision and hearing impaired, partially paralyzed and HIV+. Ceasar is receiving treatment for his HIV and is doing well. As you can imagine his mother is his world. She has done her best to care for him, but she knows he needs help to live up to his potential. He is going to be evaluated this week by a social worker from Ekisa. Ekisa is a special organization that offers services to the disabled in Uganda. Please pray that they are able to help Ceasar. Thank you Hedda Forquer for setting this meeting up.

If you look in the background of the picture, you will see Ceasar's jaja, grandmother in Luganda. She passed away today. Please pray for this family that is experiencing such a loss.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Updates and Prayer Requests

Titus has had his last procedure and is hearing now!!!! Praise God!!! It is so amazing that what we counsider as a small amount of money has changed his life forever. Please continue to pray for him and his family.

Please pray for Nalubowa she begins her treatment plan. Pray that she is soon strong enough to care for her children and that the family can be reunited.

Two ladies from the village will be traveling to Gulu for training with Days for Girls. Please pray for their safety while traveling. Pray for their families that are being left behind. Pray that they learn as much as possible during the training and that they are able to bring that knowledge back to Kamengo and share it with all of the women in the area. Pray that they have fun.:)

Pray for our upcoming projects, a foster home and a school. Both very much needed in the village!!!

Thanks for all of your support!

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Independence Day

Today we celebrate Independence Day in the US. Thank you to all of the men and women who have served our country to help us enjoy the freedoms we have!!! We will never be able to thank you enough for the sacrifices you and your families have made.

Olwazzi would like to ask you to consider celebrating Independence Day by giving the girls and women of Kamengo-ffunvu independence. The girls and women of the village do not have access to feminine hygiene products. This means that they miss out on going to school and to work during their periods. They develop infections and get sick from using rags and other unsanitary materials. We have been given the opportunity to send 2 women from the village to attend a training session by Days for Girls International. Days for Girls is an amazing organization that trains women to make sanitary supplies for themselves and others. The women going to the training will learn how to make kits for women in the village and can teach the other women to make them as well. This would be life changing for these women!!!

We also have a huge praise going up--Nakato and Babirye do not have HIV!!!!! Their mother is receiving treatment for her HIV!! Hopefully the family will be back together soon!! Thank you again to the Ugandan adoptive moms for their help in paying for thier foster care!

Please pray for Kawoya. He is a young boy from the village that was hit by a boda(motorcycle). He was taken to the hospital for treatment and has been released, but still has a long way to go for a full recovery.

Thank you again for all of your prayers and support.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Tuesday Prayer and Praise

The twins and their mom have been going to the clinic for test to determine the a treatment plan for them. Please pray that the doctors determine and implement the best treatment for each of them.

Please continue to pray for the building of a foster home for the village. This will be such a help to families such as this one, who are struggling.