Olwazzi means solid rock in Luganda. The foundation of Olwazzi Ministires is the solid rock of God's word.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Preventing Orphans

One of the main goals of Olwazzi Ministries it to prevent orphans. Children in Uganda and around the world become orphans in various ways. Mothers dying in childbirth, AIDs, disease, and poverty are all working against the families of the world, Uganda, and Kamengo.

We have been asking for prayer for a mother and her children. She is very sick and has asked that someone else care for her children. She wants to care for her children, she is just too sick and weak. She is getting treatment. Our prayer and hope is that the treatment works and this family will be reunited. Please continue to pray for this with us. Thank you to the Ugandan adoption community for coming together to help pay for the foster care of these children.

Unfortunately this story is not the only one like it. There are other families, in desparate situations. They try to take care of their families. When they can't they turn to their extended families or neighbors. Sometimes they can help, sometimes they are in similar situations and cannot.

This is where Olwazzi is hoping to step in to help. Our next project is a foster home. Our plan is to build a foster home in Kamengo. It would be a place for families in crisis. A place where they could have their children cared for until they can. A place where families are preserved, not where orphans are housed.

All donations and craft sales will go directly to this project. Pictures of crafts will be posted soon. Please consider making a donation or buying crafts to help preserve the families of Kamengo.

Monday, June 18, 2012

Prayer requests-Early/Late

We are asking that you continue to pray for Nalubowa she is very sick and very weak. She is suffering from AIDS and TB, she is receiving treatment, but needs our prayers also. Pray for her twins, Nakato and Babirye, they are being cared for by another woman in the village until their mother is stronger. Pray for our upcoming projects. We will announce more about them soon. Trust me they are exciting!!!! We have several unspoken requests! Please pray with us for these, God knows the need!!! Thanks you

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Tuesday Praise

Join us in praises for Titus. He has had his surgery and is already beginning to hear to a small degree!!! Please continue to pray for him. He is having a hard time processing all of this new information he is getting. Pray that he begins to better understand and process the sounds that he is hearing. Pray that his hearing continues to improve. Pray that his fears become fewer and that his joy increases. Please continue to pray for our in-country staff and our upcoming projects. They all need protection and blessings. Thanks for praying with us!!