Olwazzi means solid rock in Luganda. The foundation of Olwazzi Ministires is the solid rock of God's word.

Gift Catalog

Gift of Warmth

The gift of warmth is a blanket provided to a family in Kamengo-ffunvu.
1 blanket is $12.50
2 blankets are $25
4 blankets are $50

Gift of Rest.

The Gift of Rest is a mattress. Many of the families in the village do not have a mattress to sleep on, they sleep on a straw mat on the floor.
For $30 you can provide a family with the Gift of Rest.

Gift of Bacon

The Gift of Bacon is a pig:). We want to start a livestock sharing program in the village. The people of Kamengo do not own livestock. They can't afford to buy and support a breeding program. Our plan is to maintain the breeding stock and give out piglets as they are born.
For $50 you can help us get this program going.

Gift of Knowledge

The Gift of Knowledge is school sponsorship. Education is key in Uganda. The children know that with an education their future is bright.
Please visit our sponsorship page to choose a child to sponsor. Sponsorships are $10-40/month. You may pay for the entire year also.

Gift of Water

The Gift of Water is just that, water. There is one well in the village. It provides beautiful, crystal-clear water. The only problem is that it is at the bottom of a very big hill. It is difficult for the elderly people of the village to carry water to their home. We are hiring boys in the village to deliver water to these families.
For $10 water will be delivered to the elderly in the village for an entire month.

Gift of Food
The Gift of Food is food for the elderly people in the village. Most of the people in Kamengo grow their own food, however the elderly are unable to do this physically.
For $12 you can provide the elderly families in the village food for one month.

Please donate via the PayPal button at the right.
We will provide you with a gift certificate to give to your gift recipient describing the gift that has been given in their name.

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