Olwazzi means solid rock in Luganda. The foundation of Olwazzi Ministires is the solid rock of God's word.

Saturday, November 30, 2013

Gift of Bacon

The Gift of Bacon is a pig:). We want to start a livestock sharing program in the village. The people of Kamengo do not own livestock. They can't afford to buy and support a breeding program. Our plan is to maintain the breeding stock and give out piglets as they are born.
For $50 you can help us get this program going.

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Gift of Knowledge

With your generosity we were able to send 12 children from Kamengo to school last term. We would love to be able to send more!!!!

The Gift of Knowledge is school sponsorship. The children know that with an education their future is bright.
For $100 you can sponsor a child for an entire school year. That includes uniform, shoes, supplies, and tuition.

For a complete list of Gifts visit the Gift Catalog page of our blog. Donations can be made via PayPal or by check. Just mail your check to the address at the right of the blog.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Gift of Water

Would you like to give the Gift of Water? There is a well in Kamengo, but it is very far away for some of the elderly people in the village. Sunday we started a water delivery program for the elderly people in the village that can't walk to and from the well carrying a jerry can of water. We have hired 3 of boys to deliver the water to these families. If you would like to pay for the delivery service it only costs $10 a month. We will be more than happy to send a certificate to the recipient of your sponsorship. Please make donations via the PayPal donate button at the right.

Saturday, November 16, 2013

The Gift of Rest

Today we would like to add another gift for the people of Kamengo. We would like to introduce the Gift of Rest.
The Gift of Rest is a mattress. Many of the families in the village do not have a mattress to sleep on, they sleep on a straw mat on the floor.
For $30 you can provide a family with the Gift of Rest.
Please donate via the PayPal button at the right.
We will provide you with a gift certificate to give to your gift recipient.

Please visit our Gift Catalog page at the of the blog to see more GIFTS!!!

Friday, November 15, 2013

Personal Shopping Service

We would like to help you with your holiday gift giving.
We have gifts that fit everyone!! all sizes and ages!
We have gifts that will benefit the giver, the recipient, and the people of Kamengo-ffunvu.
We have gifts that will have an impact past December 26th.
And shipping and handling are FREE!!

We will post a new gift every few days. Keep checking back for our changing inventory. Each gift will come with a certificate to explain the gift given and the impact that it will have in the village. We will also send updates on some of the gifts as they grow and bring joy in Uganda.

So sit back and relax and get your Christmas list taken care of, help the people of Kamengo and give your friends and family a gift with meaning.

Our first gift is the Gift of Warmth.
The gift of warmth is a blanket, or 2 or 4. Each blanket costs $12.50. If you would like to buy 2 the total would be $25, and 4 blankets would be $50. Each blanket will provide warmth at night for a family in the village.
Please donate via the donate button on the right of the page.

Monday, November 11, 2013

Double Take

When Pastor Brian sent me this picture this morning I had to do a double take.

I was trying to figure out where the picture was taken. The inside of the church was beautiful!!!

Then I saw the canes sticking up in the back ground and I still couldn't believe it. It was Exodus Ministry Church!!!

I can't believe that a little over a week ago, it looked like this.

I would also like to thank Mercy for Mamas for the donation of Mama Kits, 25 women received kits and more were given to Mama Florence.

Please continue to pray for Exodus Ministry Church and the people of Kamengo.

Tuesday, November 5, 2013


I am continually amazed by the people of Kamengo-ffunvu. One of the Exodus Ministry Church members donated land for the construction of a new church.
It didn't take the members long to clear a road to the property and get busy with construction.

It looks like everyone is enjoying the first service in their new home.

The choir has beautiful new uniforms!

I can't wait to join them for a service.

Please continue to pray for this new church and our new brothers and sisters in Christ.